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Construction Hand Tools

Construction Hand Tools

Purchase Tools for Roofing Construction Sites

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Construction hand tools have been very convenient for construction workers and contractors. These construction hand tools each serve their own purpose, from cutting to driving, transporting and tearing off materials. These hand tools can be conventional or power-driven. Each kind of construction hand tool has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In a construction site, the general rule is not to use a construction hand tool except for what it is used for. The efficient use of construction hand tools relies on the manner of which they are used. For example, using a pick to cut a piece of wood in half would yield unwanted results in the wood. These construction hand tools are designed to work with specific kinds of construction materials, and using them for other purposes can also damage the tool itself.

Importance of Having the Right Construction Equipment

Construction hand tools that are ergonomically designed can prevent interruptions in the project. Roofers who use the right construction hand tools are able to position their hands correctly for producing the maximum force output that they can do with their movement. These construction hand tools are instinctive, and are designed to fit the worker's hand like a glove.

Construction hand tools that are not comfortable can pose a hazard to the worker. Safety guidelines require that the right construction hand tools should be used for a particular task. When workers are provided with the right construction hand tools, they feel safer and they are able to focus on their work more without having to worry too much about injuring themselves.

Hand Tools for Roofing Contractors

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Working on the roof, or parts of it, also requires specialized construction hand tools. As workers work on the roof, conventional tools can be used for some installation tasks. Hammers are still used to drive nails while saws are used to cut the wooden parts. However, tearing off the shingles of a roof is an entirely different task that requires special construction hand tools.

Mislich Brothers offers construction hand tools for roofer specifically tools that will help them efficiently perform reroofing tasks. We have Shingle Strippers that can effectively strip off the shingles and nails in a roof. Using conventional tools for this task will also yield unwanted results. Using a hammer or a shovel, for example, to rip of the shingles will take a worker forever to complete.

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We Provide Construction Hand Tools

In 1998, our founder decided to start a business from the lack of a patent for an efficient tool for removing roofing shingles. With just under a thousand square feet of production space, he received his first patent which incorporated the company Mislich Bros. Inc. in 1999. For a few years, the founder hand-painted, welded, and assembled each tool himself in the small building, but as orders increased, more space and hands were needed to keep up with demand, which led us to where we are today.

Currently, we are located just off I-55. Our factory maintains a powder-coating paint line, a robotic welder, a 65-ton press, and a 100-ton press. Read more about our capabilities here.

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