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Roof Brackets

Roof Brackets

Roofing Essentials: Safety Brackets

Installing a new roof for a new construction or doing reroofing on an existing roof can pose high risks to the worker. Roof brackets are there to provide safety to workers on a roof. These roof brackets are typically used on one-storey, slanting roofs. These roof brackets are adjustable to conform to the slant and span of the roof.

Roof brackets and other scaffolding are essential to the safety of roofers. It is important for roof brackets to be built according to standards. If substandard roof brackets are used, equipment failure could be imminent as the workers and other roofing materials can come sliding down to the edge of the roof. Using roof brackets can make roofing work more efficient, and can significantly reduce the risk of injury.

How To Use Roof Braces For Different Slopes

There are recommended configurations of roof brackets used for different slopes of roofs. The general rule is, the steeper the roof, the more roof brackets are needed. If you are a roofer, you may already have experience in this. But a DIYer can always use his instincts and install as many roof brackets as he wants as long as he feels safe. However, this is not always the way to go especially that the project is on a budget.

The roof pitch-angle ratio gives the roofer an idea on how many roof brackets to use in relation to the steepness of the roof. A 3 to 5:12 roof slope is usually walkable. Roof brackets may be installed near the edge of a 6:12 roof. 8:12 roof slopes and higher usually require multiple rows of roof brackets for safety. Knowing these values can greatly help in the installation of roof brackets.

Effective Roofing Brackets

Mislich Brothers' roof brackets are designed and manufactured with the safety of the roofer in mind. These roof brackets are built at a fixed 90 degree angle design and can accommodate two sizes of air hoses. Our roof brackets are about 1.5-2 ft high, and are fabricated using 12ga steel. These roof brackets are ideal for residential and commercial use.

When we build our roof brackets, Mislich Brothers employ robotic welds to ensure the strength of the connections. This provides added safety to the worker as it gives him more flexibility in working with more construction materials and tools on the roof. Mislich Brothers has all our roof brackets go through only the strictest of quality assurance measures to ensure safety for every unit.

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Providing Roof Brackets

In 1998, our founder decided to start a business from the lack of a patent for an efficient tool for removing roofing shingles. With just under a thousand square feet of production space, he received his first patent which incorporated the company Mislich Bros. Inc. in 1999. For a few years, the founder hand-painted, welded, and assembled each tool himself in the small building, but as orders increased, more space and hands were needed to keep up with demand, which led us to where we are today.

Currently, we are located just off I-55. Our factory maintains a powder-coating paint line, a robotic welder, a 65-ton press, and a 100-ton press. Read more about our capabilities here.

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Mislich Brothers, Inc. Quality Roof Brackets