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Roof Tear Off Tools

Roof Tear Off Tools

Tearing Off Shingles: Purchase Trusted Tools

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Roofs could be considered the most exposed part of the house or building. Because of this, shingles need to be replaced once they have worn out. Roof tear off tools are needed by roofing contractors to perform this task. Without the proper roof tear off tools, a reroofing job can take longer than expected. This is why conventional tools such as hammers and shovels are not advisable for roof tear off jobs.

The right tools will get the job done right. Roof tear off tools are there specifically to provide a roofer with the appropriate equipment to remove shingles and nails during a reroofing job. Mislich Brothers are providers of roof tear off tools. Our products have been giving roofing contractors the efficiency and flexibility that cannot be achieved when using conventional tools for a reroofing job.

Roof Shingle-Ripping Tools For Asphalt

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The right roof tear off tools can strip a roof of shingles made with one of the most common type of material – asphalt. Like in most applications, the mix of the asphalt determines its toughness and lifespan. Since asphalt shingles can be made with a fiberglass base, it can be very tough. It takes quality roof tear off tools to get them completely out of the roof for reroofing.

To add to their weather-resistant properties, the construction of asphalt shingles is usually done in layers. Using the right roof tear off tools will make sure that all of these layers are stripped off. The bond of the industrial adhesive used strengthened by the heat of the Sun joins these layers together with the underlying base. Roof tear-off tools should be able to strip these layers with ease.

Reliable Roofing Removers

All roof tear off tools require a motion called down-stroking. This method is good for tearing off roof debris such as shingles and nails. During this motion, the shingles can oppose your force especially if the roof tear off tool is not built to configuration. Proper calculations on what is called as the dig-angle is required for the roof tear off tool to stay under the shingles.

Reliable roof tear off tools has sharp tips that come in contact with the surface. This allows them to bite into the roof deck for better grip. Once this is established, the opposite motion of up-stroking and upward side-stroking rips the shingles and nails on the roof. Quality roof tear off tools need to be built to stand these stresses, and Mislich Brothers have considered everything in our design of roof tear off tools.

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