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Roofing Brackets

Roofing Brackets

Roofing Safety Equipment: Quality Brackets

Roofing brackets are structures used by roofing contractors as scaffolding when installing a new roof or performing reroofing tasks. When roofing brackets are properly installed, they can be easily removed without leaving a mark on the roof. This makes working on roofs very convenient as roofing brackets provide safety and flexibility to roof workers.

Using roofing brackets is important. When substandard roofing brackets are used, or if they are installed incorrectly, they can break loose during their use and send workers and construction materials sliding downwards towards the edge of the roof. Usually, roofing brackets are recommended for one- to two-story roofs.

Brackets for Roofing As A First Line Of Defense

A very minimal investment on quality roofing brackets will give you peace of mind while working on the roof. A slide-guard is a simple mechanism that can prevent thousands of hazards. Quality roof brackets with wooden planks will make sure that when safety harnesses fail, workers and equipment won't go sliding down the roof.

This equipment will also protect the people down below. It is important to install roofing brackets in a large member of a truss or rafter. The weights that these roof brackets are able to support may also depend on the strength of the beam that they attach to. Roofing brackets need to be nailed through the sheath and into these stable structures. These beams can sometimes be easily detected by finding a solid spot through taps of a hammer.

High Performance Roofer Brackets

MBI Tools roofing brackets are manufactured at a fixed 90 degree angle design and can accommodate two sizes of air hoses. This allows the roofing brackets to provide safety and convenience on the job. Our roofing brackets are about 1.5-2 ft high, and are fabricated using 12ga steel. These roofing brackets are ideal for residential and commercial use. Mislich Brothers also employ robotic welds to ensure the strength of the connections of our roofing brackets.

This gives added safety to the structure and allows for more construction materials and tools to be brought to the roof. Mislich Brothers know how dangerous it is for roofing contractors to be working at such a height. That is why all our roofing brackets go through only the strictest of quality assurance measures. Aside from roofing brackets, we also offer other quality tools, including:

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