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Roofing Contractor Tools

Roofing Contractor Tools

Purchase a Set of Roofing Contractor Tools

Roofing experts have been closely working with contractors and tools manufacturers to constantly come up with innovations that make reroofing jobs easier and more efficient. Roofing contractor tools are readily available to the modern roofer. By having the correct roofing contractor tools, a roofer can complete a roofing project more efficiently using the least amount of time possible.

As with any contractor job, the right tools for a task in essential in worker efficiency. Roofing contractor tools allow a roofer to removal existing shingles and nails on a roof with the least amount of effort possible. These roofing contractor tools need to be up to the task of being constantly exposed to great stresses, as old shingles and nails can be wedged in good in an existing roof.

Professionally Designed Equipment for Roofing Contractors

Installing a new roof or reroofing an old one requires the right contractor tools for the job. Roof installation entails a number of different processes. In essence, getting a durable and reliable roof up is the goal of roofing contractors. But if expert roofers need to consider the design and the look of the materials that make up the roof, then the right roofing contractor tools are needed.

Roofers who have the efficiency provided by highly-engineered roofing contractor tools tend to do more. Tool handles that are properly designed allow for the appropriate force needed to operate the tool effectively. When roofers are able to work on their tasks quickly using the right roofing contractor tools, they are able to focus more on quality rather than quantity.

Reliable Roofing Construction Tools

Mislich Brothers have been providing reliable roofing contractor tools to roofers for nearly 10 years. Our main tool is the Shingle Stripper, a roofing contractor tool composed of a long handle and a blade with teeth made of tempered steel. The strength of this stripper gives the worker the augmentation he needs to completely remove all shingles and nails off an old roof.

One of our more versatile roofing contractor tools is the Mini Stripper. This roofing contractor tool allows roofers to work with hard to reach areas of the roof. With this tool, no area of the roof is left uncleared. The Mini Stripper is also made of the same grade of steel as the Shingle Stripper, to give it the same strength required for tearing tasks.

We want nothing but for you to have tools that you can count on, including:

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About Roofing Contractor Tools

In 1998, our founder decided to start a business from the lack of a patent for an efficient tool for removing roofing shingles. With just under a thousand square feet of production space, he received his first patent which incorporated the company Mislich Bros. Inc. in 1999. For a few years, the founder hand-painted, welded, and assembled each tool himself in the small building, but as orders increased, more space and hands were needed to keep up with demand, which led us to where we are today.

Currently, we are located just off I-55. Our factory maintains a powder-coating paint line, a robotic welder, a 65-ton press, and a 100-ton press. Read more about our capabilities here.

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Mislich Brothers, Inc. Quality Roofing Contractor Tools