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Roofing Hand Tools

Roofing Hand Tools

What sort of Hand Tools do Roofers Need?

When a roof protects the house or building and its contents from the effects of weather, they are constantly exposed to the elements that wear them out. Roofing hand tools have been aiding roofers with their reroofing jobs. These structures are very important that they require specialized roofing hand tools to repair them effectively.

Roofing hand tools are primarily aimed is to provide the maximum efficient output in performing a specific reroofing task. Strippers let roofers use minimum amount of effort in removing shingles and nails from the existing roof. It is important that these kinds of roofing hand tools are built to withstand continuous stress from very hard and heavy loads.

Safe Hand Tools for Roofers

The weight, shape, and fit of roofing hand tools ultimately affect a roofer's performance in executing roofing tasks. Designers of roofing hand tools take tool-handling very seriously by performing numerous tests with handles and levers to attain the maximum comfort level when using a tool. Only then can a worker efficiently proceed with his roofing tasks.

There are many risks that come with failing to use the right roofing hand tools. Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are quite common; especially for professionals like roofers who constantly position their hands in awkward formations to work on a hard-to-reach spot. Roofing hand tools that are ergonomically designed are used by roofers who are effective and contractors who value safety and productivity.

Quality Equipment for Roofing

Mislich brothers provide durable and sensibly priced roofing hand tools to contractors. Mislich Brothers has roofing hand tools such as the Shingle Stripper and the Mini Stripper with teeth and blade made with tempered steel. This gives these quality roofing hand tools the strength to efficiently allow a roofer to strip shingles and nails.

Having the right roofing hand tools is the key for the success of any roofing project. At Mislich Brothers we have your needs covered with our wide selection of roofing hand tools. From strippers to roof brackets, our inventory will sure to have prices that will prove to be a good capital investment. Many roofing experts are happy to be working with our roofing hand tools.

MBI Tools wants you to experience the power of our tools, which include:

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About Roofing Hand Tools

In 1998, our founder decided to start a business from the lack of a patent for an efficient tool for removing roofing shingles. With just under a thousand square feet of production space, he received his first patent which incorporated the company Mislich Bros. Inc. in 1999. For a few years, the founder hand-painted, welded, and assembled each tool himself in the small building, but as orders increased, more space and hands were needed to keep up with demand, which led us to where we are today.

Currently, we are located just off I-55. Our factory maintains a powder-coating paint line, a robotic welder, a 65-ton press, and a 100-ton press. Read more about our capabilities here.

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Mislich Brothers, Inc. Roofing Hand Tools