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Roofing Tools

Roofing Tools

Roofing Removal Tools: What Every Contractor Needs

Roofing installation standards dictate that contractors need to perform reroofing jobs using quality roofing tools. In this way, contractors may be able to finish a reroofing job in the most efficient manner. Roofing tools; include those that allow workers to remove shingles efficiently while keeping them safe as they work. Roofing tools include shingle strippers and roof brackets.

These roofing strippers and brackets are the right tools for the job. Every client should feel comfortable knowing that their roofing contractor uses standard roofing tools according to the best practices in the industry. The National Roofing Contractors Association and the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer's Association are the principal sources of these standards and practices and have encouraged roofing contractors to utilize standard roofing tools.

The Right Roofing Equipment

Without the right roofing tools, a roofer may find it difficult to completely clear out a roof and install new shingles. Shingles have been exposed to different elements over the years that may have strengthened their bond to the base. Melted ice water can also seep through causing the shingles to expand and contract. Without the right roofing tools, small pieces of shingles could be really difficult to remove.

On warm months, the adhesive underneath the shingles gradually heats up and reinforces its fusing properties. When this happens, the shingles and the roof create a new layer that is secured and difficult to remove. Roofing tool/s is specifically designed to create the right wedge angle to strip the shingle from its base. Roofing tools need to deal with the strong, affixed shingles. They may end up in many pieces if the right tools are not used.

Quality Roofer Tools

Roofing contractors who are in need of quality roofing tools for their projects turn to Mislich Brothers for quality equipment. Our shingle stripper is a roofing tool that will let you remove all existing shingles including the nails. Mislich Brothers knows roofing tools best. We have provided quality roofing tools to contractors for nearly 10 years.

Mislich Brothers help roofing contractors looking to cut the time it takes for them to remove shingles from their roofing jobs. We have roofing tools made of tempered steel for that added strength. Our roofing tools also have lightweight D-grip handles for added comfort. Robotic welders have finalized the seams to ensure toughness.

MBI tools will gladly provide you with any of the following:

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