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Shingle Stripper

Buy New Shingle Strippers in Bulk

Are you tired of removing roofing shingles without the appropriate tools that can help you get the job done right? Are you a roofing contractor who is badly in need of a shingle stripper that will help you? You worries are over because Mislich Brothers can provide you with the right tools for the job. Our shingle stripper will help you easily remove the existing shingles on a roof.

You need a shingle stripper that has the features to make your job as a roofing contractor easier. Your shingle stripper needs to be self-sharpening. The symmetrical teeth tend to wear evenly on both sides. This allows the tool to continue to deliver the same quality of performance over time. Quality shingle strippers are provided by Mislich Brothers.

Shingle Shovels For Tough Shingles

Shingles strippers are the best tools to minimize your effort as a roofer or a homeowner-remodeler. They can remove even the toughest shingles that are nailed or stuck in place over the years, even when back-surfacing is applied to the back of the shingle. Trying to remove these shingles with non-standard tools can strain different parts of your body, especially when it is not positioned correctly.

Because safety is above anything else in the construction site, shingle strippers are the right tools to use. These shingle strippers can be very easy to operate that first-time roof DIYers can easily pick up on its usage. Shingle strippers that are ergonomically designed will give you the conversion you need to completely strip your roof clean of shingles.

Shingle Removers For Tough Jobs

Before the founders of Mislich Brothers first started the company, they used non-standard shingle stripping tools to remove shingles. Without shingle strippers, they thought that there should be a better tool to complete the job. That was the time when they thought of producing standard tools that can be used my all roofing contractors to easily remove existing shingles.

Our shingle strippers are made in our warehouse off I-55. Our 5,400 square feet factory has the capability to make quality shingle strippers for roofing contractors. The factory houses our powder-coating paint line, robotic welder, 65 ton press, and 100 ton press which are all used in production. Quality shingle strippers are produced using the highest standards of quality assurance.

Let us provide you with quality tools, including:

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Excellent Shingle Shovels

In 1998, our founder decided to start a business from the lack of a patent for an efficient tool for removing roofing shingles. With just under a thousand square feet of production space, he received his first patent which incorporated the company Mislich Bros. Inc. in 1999. For a few years, the founder hand-painted, welded, and assembled each tool himself in the small building, but as orders increased, more space and hands were needed to keep up with demand, which led us to where we are today.

Currently, we are located just off I-55. Our factory maintains a powder-coating paint line, a robotic welder, a 65-ton press, and a 100-ton press. Read more about our capabilities here.

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Mislich Brothers, Inc. Quality Shingle Shovels