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Shovel with Teeth

Shovel with Teeth

Shingle Removal: How do you use a Shovel with Teeth?

Removing shingles with conventional tools is an ineffective way of doing the task. Using a shovel with teeth provides much more efficiency with every thrust. When you use a shovel with teeth to strip shingles, you will be able to do long strokes while ripping bigger chunks of shingles. A shovel with teeth is also able to avoid obstacles and ride on irregular surfaces.

Shovel with teeth makes it easier for any roofer to wedge shingles free. The blade of a shovel with teeth can be used to collect and throw the roof shingles, making the tool handy for delivering the debris to the ground. A normal shovel has an edge that has a short length can only rip a small amount of shingles at a time. Shovels with teeth can also tear of wedged nails, in addition to being able to rip more shingles.

Different Strippers With Teeth

Many kinds of shingles may require different kinds of shovels with teeth. Stronger types such as shingles made from hardwood or stone that don't crack easily may need shingle shovels need shovels with teeth made with tempered steel to completely strip them off the roofs. Installation methods can also dictate the type of teeth configuration. The tougher the bond, the more fine and sharp the teeth are.

There are shingle shovels with uniformly distributed teeth that can comb through more common shingles such as asphalt or fiberglass. There are also shingle shovels with teeth that are longer than others. These shovels are used for longer shingles that have formed a strong bond with the roof base. Having the right kind of shovels with teeth will make sure that the work is done more quickly and efficiently.

Quality Toothed-Shovels for Shingles.

The operating principle of shovels with teeth in tearing roof shingles and nails require that they be manufactured to the right angle configuration and strength. Shovels with teeth have evolved based on the refinement of these requirements. The nails and other obstacles that are exposed are now easier to deal with. Having quality shovels with teeth gives the worker added performance and efficiency, and gives a longer lifespan for the tool itself.

Mislich Brothers is a provider of shovels with teeth for shingles. For nearly 10 years, we have been closely working with roofing contractors to further improve the design of shovels with teeth, from the original design that we came up with when the company was founded. The Shingle Stripper is a shovel with teeth that roofers will find very easy to work with. It gives them the efficiency and flexibility that allows them to do more with less time.

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