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About Us


We pride ourselves knowing all products are proudly made and assembled in the U.S.A. We assure quality with our products, that is why the owner is here every day working next to our employees to ensure every roofer receives the quality they are promised at purchase!

Call: 815.844.0937

15116 E 2100 N Rd Pontiac, IL 61764


The Beginning

In 1998, the owner performed a patent search and decided to start up a business in a building just under 1,000 sq feet. After receiving his first patent he decided to put in all he had to become incorporated in 1999, giving the company a name of Mislich Bros. Inc. The shop worked well for a few years as the owner hand painted, welded, and assembled each tool himself in the small building, but as orders spiked more space and hands were needed to keep up with demand, which led us to where we are today.

Our Current Location and Set-up:

In 2004, the owner relocated the shop to a closed rural school building just off I-55. The 5,400 ft2 gymnasium transformed into a factory, maintaining our powder-coating paint line, robotic welder, 65-ton press, and 100-ton press. All production and assembly occur in the factory or "gymnasium", while the cafeteria and classrooms were turned into offices and a break room. The remaining classrooms maintain inventory and are still undergoing some remodeling.


The company is known as MBI TOOLS, LLC.