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What Clients Are Saying


"Overall I am pleased with the roofing shovel I  purchased over a year ago. I first used this product on a commercial job. It was on that job site that I bent the handle and broke a weld. But since, I had the shovel rewelded where it broke and turned the handle around, and to date it still out performs any other roofing shovel my current employer has. When ever my current shovel wears out, I'll definitely buy another one of these."

-Burt Johnson


"Love your shingle stripper!"



"I am 66 and a do it yourselfer for economic reasons. After much research we bought the MBI shingle strippers. Even though I have back and neck issues due to a disability their products and customer service can be described in few words: SIMPLY THE GREATEST.  It was the best product I ever used. We stripped the shingles and most of the nails of a house, garage and out building easier then buttering bread. This is the first time we ever attempted this kind of work. MBI products qualities made it so easy that I had no back pain after helping my son strip the roofs. If you need a new roof you can strip the roof easily using their product even if you need a professional to do the roof. You save a fortune by using MBI shingle strippers and stripping the shingles yourself. If I were a professional roofer I would use no other product.

They are made in the USA. This was important to me. If you want the best and easiest the answer is simple: USE ALL MBI PRODUCTS. Their products are very affordable. They stand behind their products guaranteed. I want to thank MBI for saving money, time and back pain. Please use the best, you won’t be sorry.

-Dick, North Grosvenordale, CT


"The best tools to do roofing."